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Why can't I just get stronger glasses?

Have you been told nothing else can be done?

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Why can't I just get stronger glasses? Many patients with reading difficulties due to eye disease ask this question. However, the problem is that the stronger the reading glasses, the closer the reading must be held. Therefore, most patients with impaired vision require reading glasses so strong that reading material needs to be held uncomfortably close. Instead, low vision devices use magnification techniques not available in glasses to allow a person to read at a more normal distance.


Have you been told nothing else can be done for your vision? Unfortunately, many patients with vision impairment have been told this. However, we are here to help the patient use their remaining vision to improve their functional vision. At Stuart Low Vision Center, the focus is to provide each patient with an individualized program of care, including the appropriate low vision devices and therapy as needed. By doing this, we can help lead the patient to experience a more personally satisfying and productive life.


For people who have reduced vision due to eye disease, there is new hope for increasing comfort in the performance of daily visual tasks and activities. This is because technology has expanded the availability of choices and quality of low vision aids. At Stuart Low Vision Center, we provide patients with a full range of low vision assessment, products, and services.

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LOW VISION is a term that is used to describe impaired vision that cannot be corrected with glasses or contact lenses, and LOW VISION REHABILITATION refers to the process of helping patients with vision impairment learn to maximize the use of their remaining, or residual vision. Low Vision Rehabilitation enables the patient to lead as independent and safe a lifestyle as possible. At Stuart Low Vision Center, our team is specifically trained and experienced in providing low vision diagnosis and rehabilitation.

Dr. John Stuart, Jr.

Dr. John Stuart, Jr. grew up in Dallas, Texas and, after receiving his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Houston, received his Doctor of Optometry degree with honors from the University of Houston College of Optometry. He holds Therapeutic Optometrist and Optometric Glaucoma Specialist licenses in Texas and is a member of the Texas Optometric Association and the American Optometric Association. 

Dr. Stuart spent 19 years in private practice in Williams Lake, BC, Canada and 16 years at the Surrey Eye Care Centre, a large ophthalmology clinic in Surrey, BC, Canada. While there, he established the Surrey Low Vision Centre and practiced Low Vision Rehabilitation for 15 years. He is experienced in ocular health and low vision treatment, and general medical optometry. He is happy to be back home in Texas and helping Low Vision patients again at the Stuart Low Vision Center.

Outside of optometry, Dr. Stuart is passionate about and involved in all aspects of theater and music. He is married to Marci, whom he has known since first grade, and they have a mighty little Yorkie, Ivan.

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